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From the inception of his practice, Mr. Vardanyan has tailored his skills to become a great trial attorney. While the courtroom intimidates some attorneys, Mr. Vardanyan ardently seeks to be in that setting. He is committed to the traumatic experiences that bring each and every one of his clients to his attention. He knows that those core experiences get eroded when put on paper and conveyed to insurance companies. Therefore, he is adamantly in favor of seeking justice in the courtroom where the faces, the injuries, and the emotions are all real.

Mr. Vardanyan knows how important it is to communicate with his clients on a regular basis – even if there is no news. Unfortunately, it happens too often in the legal profession where attorneys are overwhelmed by volume and as a result their clients are left guessing and with unanswered calls. Mr. Vardanyan opposes that model. Instead of taking on every case that comes his way, he chooses to take those where he will deeply connect with the client and the facts at hand. He believes that this way, his clients get the best representation they possibly can.